Natural Medicine Center in Costa Mesa, CA – Continuing to Serve Patients With Great Results

Natural Medicine Center in Costa Mesa, CA continues to share their clinical experience in natural medicine with great success.

Over 45,000 patients treated and 4th generation in natural medicine.  Their family has been serving patients in the United States since 1980 and in California for over 30 years.

Here is another recent clinical success was with a patient that was previously helped when he was 9 years old.  The young patient had multiple bone fractures and was in a lot of pain.  Through diagnosis of modern medicine specialists, they diagnosed him with juvenile osteoporosis – a very rare condition for a child.

Natural Medicine Center and Dr. Kevin Huang and Dr. Janet Yeh were able to successfully treat this young boy with natural medicine, herbs, acupuncture and nutrition.

The patient has been fine for over 6 years, but recently his mother realized that he has not grown for two years – since the age of 13.  After seeing three specialists in the medical field and receiving imaging scans, the diagnosis was that he was not able to grow anymore in height due to his growth plates being sealed at an early age due to the trials he had with juvenile osteoporosis.

The diagnosis and prognosis devastated the young teenager and his mother.  The mother remembered how Natural Medicine Center in Costa Mesa, CA helped him earlier and then brought his back to the natural medicine clinic for help and treatments.

Dr. Huang told them that he would do his best to help him.  Three weeks into his treatments the young man started feeling leg pains.  Dr. Huang was excited because they were growing pains that the patient was experiencing.  At the end of three weeks, to the amazement of the patient and his mother, the patient grew an inch in three weeks of treatment with only natural medicine, acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition. Soon thereafter the patient’s feet started to grow too and he was excited about getting new and bigger shoes.

What a wonderful and joyful miracle it was for Natural Medicine Center in Costa Mesa, CA to see the miraculous improvements that was happening to the young patient.

Acupuncture Is Oldest Medical System For Treatment Of Diseases

Acupuncture is a great method to treat different diseases, ailments, common illnesses, and pain. It is a very effective and painless way to treat ailments and does not require painful and dangerous procedures. Acupuncture does not require any irreversible treatments such as surgery or harmful procedures, such as radiation exposure from x-rays. Why patients feel comfortable with acupuncture as a treatment method is its ability to treat diseases without negative side effects.

Acupuncture is a positive choice for treatment of ailments. The body contains meridians, or channels of energy, that run through. When the meridian is blocked, then the body is hindered from being able to correct its own problem. The acupuncture needles release the obstruction and allow the energy to flow without hindrance. The acupuncture needles help circulation and they allow the energy to move freely around the body. This allows the body’s systems to correct its own functions and to improve the body’s ability to absorb and digest. Acupuncture is a great method to increase energy flow throughout the body.

Many patients who come to Agape Acupuncture for treatment of diseases say they feel better even after the first treatment. Patients say their energy levels improve and they have more positivity of their recovery and their overall health.

When one is healthy, their own emotional and physical well being is even better. When one is sick and their emotions are down, then their physical well being will also be affected. The body’s health depends on the emotions as well. Acupuncture will improve the entire well being of the body and will encourage natural recovery and natural healing. It will allow the body to heal itself without masking the symptoms with harmful drugs and treatments.

For treatment of ailments, acupuncture is a fantastic medical method. It is the world’s oldest method of treating in contemporary medicine today.

Natural Medicine Center For Treatment Of Illnesses

Why consider Natural Medicine Center Costa Mesa for treatment of diseases? Many individuals do not believe natural medicine is a legitimate way to treat illnesses and they are often very skeptical. But natural medicine is a practice that has been used for over 4,000 years and has been a method utilized by the Qin Dynasty. Acupuncture and herbs are natural methods that help the body defend itself.

For treatment of diseases, Natural Medicine Center is a trusted and reputable clinic based in Orange County, California. This clinic has offered gentle care and over 45,000 patients have been treated. For patients who really want to see results, instead of temporary relief of symptoms, natural medicine is an effective method that truly works.

The results of natural medicine varies for each individual, but it is truly beneficial for treatment of different illnesses. Patients who have just been diagnosed with a disease will see faster results compared to patients who have battled the disease for years. Young patients will also experience faster recovery compared to elderly patients. The same is true for patients who are weaker compared to those who are stronger. Because natural medicine treats the cause of the disease, there is no instant fix. To build up your body to it’s natural strength and vigor takes time, so it is important to note that this method allows your body to fight for itself.

Natural Medicine Center is a great place to consider for treatment of diseases related to the immune system. It is also a clinic that has seen patients treated of back pain, migraines and headaches, shoulder pain, various cancers, allergies, infertility, tumors, and so much more. The results are staggering and patients are excited to share their stories with others. There is no question that natural medicine is a beneficial way to treat illnesses and the experts at Natural Medicine Center truly prove that.

Consider this clinic for treatment of pain or illnesses you may have.

Herbs and Natural Medicine For Treatment Of

For treatment of different diseases, it is important to know how beneficial herbal teas and acupuncture treatments can be for your body. It is crucial to boost your body and your immune system when you are battling a difficult disease, not to put more strain on your body. Medications and aggressive forms of treatment, such as chemotherapy, can leave your body very weak

For treatment of diseases such as cancer, many patients have found help at Agape Acupuncture. They have seen the benefits of natural medicine because it is a method that boosts your body and does not negatively harm the body. Since patients with cancer typically go through chemotherapy or radiation treatments, many patients who have come to Agape Acupuncture have seen great results with both methods simultaneously. Chemotherapy treatments aggressively fight the cancer, while acupuncture boosts the body and strengthens it. Patients who have come to Agape Acupuncture noticed that they had less side effects associated with chemotherapy treatments that other cancer patients have experienced. They also notice that they have more energy and are feeling more hopeful about their recovery. Patients often say that acupuncture treatments leave them refreshed and rejuvenated, compared with other treatment options from modern medicine.

For treatment of diseases, many have found natural medicine to be the superior alternative because it does strengthen the body, rather than do more damage. Since  many patients also appreciate the individual care that they receive from this clinic, they refer many other patients. Patients truly appreciate the attention they receive and enjoy having a personal doctor they know they can trust. Patients who have visited Agape Acupuncture time and time again say that the clinic has a wonderfully friendly and caring atmosphere. It is no wonder why patients continue to come back and tell their friends and family.

Acupuncture For Treatment Of Many Diseases

For treatment of different diseases, acupuncture has been very successful. If you are among many who has suffered from heart disease, migraines, cancer, incontinence, eye disorders, osteoporosis, infectious diseases, or have had a liver transplant, acupuncture can truly help you. At Natural Medicine, the specialists have had decades of experience and have the expertise to help you. Just take a look at the wonderful testimonials of patients who have seen tremendous healing and recovery.

Patients who have been unable to function in their daily life have turned to natural medicine for treatment of various illnesses. They have seen their life return back to normal and have been able to stay active and continue on with work.

Heart disease is a very common illness in the United States, and have patients have come to Natural Medicine Center for treatment of this disease. There is a 40 percent rate of death from heart disease in the U.S. and more Americans die from this disease compared to any other disease. it is crucial that if you are suffering from heart disease that you find a natural treatment method that will truly help you.

For treatment of diabetes, acupuncture and natural medicine is also beneficial. It is estimated that 16 million Americans suffer from either type one or type two diabetes. If you want a natural way to treat diabetes instead of tons of medication, Natural Medicine Center is the place to consider.

Patients with reproductive disorders have also come to Natural Medicine Center and have seen great results. Almost 300,000 hysterectomies performed every year in the United States are unnecessary. It is estimated that men suffer from a reproductive disorder.
Many patients have seen their entire life transformed and they are healthier and have more energy. They have seen diseases they have believed to be an impossibility to treat, healed by acupuncture.

Success For Treatment of ADHD

Children who have certain disorders have seen success for treatment of ADHD at Agape Acupuncture. A patient’s mother came in search of help after her son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and started to wreak havoc in the home. The son was just disruptive at home and in his school and caused problems for the teachers and for the family. The parent struggled with his behavior for almost a year and was very desperate that she did not know what to do. She was afraid to place her son on medication and was afraid of what that would do to him. So, in desperation, she came to Agape Acupuncture.
Since she did not want to seek out modern medicine for treatment of ADHD, she believed that natural medicine would be the best alternative for her son. The parent wanted little side effects and did not want to have her son dependent on drugs. She was referred to Dr. Huang by two others and was pleased to find the staff caring and supportive. Her son started treatments at the center and took herbs for his condition. After a few months, she started noticing a big change in the way he acted. Even his preschool teacher noticed a significant difference. Dr. Huang’s diet suggestions for her son made a difference as well. Her son was able to focus and pay attention in class so much more.
For treatment of ADHD, the parent truly notes that natural medicine did wonders for her son. She says she has a different child, in terms of his behavior, and noticed that he acted completely different than he used to. She is pleased to find that her son can focus and still have the loving personality that he did before, which would have changed due to medication. The patient truly suggests Agape Acupuncture for any child with this disorder.

For Treatment Of Brain Lesion

For treatment of a difficult disease, it is crucial to find a doctor who understands how to treat the disease and the symptoms associated with the disease. A doctor must both treat the cause of the disease as well as the symptoms the patient is experiencing. Natural medicine is a great method that gets to the root of the cause and treats the problem where it occurs. At Agape Acupuncture, miracles happen all the time and stories of healing and recovery are truly uplifting.
A patient came to Agape Acupuncture for treatment of a brain lesion. She had a seizure one December, which landed her in the hospital ICU. The doctors did an MRI to find out why the patient had a sudden seizure and she was sent home to await the results. She started treatments at Agape Acupuncture for another health problem she was dealing with, but then she recieved the test reports back from the doctor. The test results showed that the patient had a brain lesion on the right of her brain that measured around 2 x 1 centimeters. The patient showed the MRI report to Dr. Huang.
The patient continued with on for treatment of the brain lesion and continued to maintain a healthy lifestyle, along with weekly acupuncture treatments and herbs. She said she also started praying for a healthy body and spent time meditating. She also continued to see results and said she expected that her health would turn around.

 After six months, she went in for a PET scan of her head and her body and the tests came back with no sign of a brain lesion. The test results were absolutely normal and the patient was overjoyed to hear the news. All the doctors discovered was a small scar tissue, which truly surprised the doctors.

Food is Important For Treatment Of Diseases

Food is an important factor in a person’s well being and a important factor For Treatment Of various illnesses. Patients who have lived a life eating poorly and damaging their body with harmful food options will suffer the consequences. So, it is important to learn how to take care of your body by eating right and maintaining an active lifestyle.

For Treatment Of diseases, consider the foods choices you make on a daily basis. Agape Acupuncture truly takes into account what patients eat, and teaches them to make healthy choices that will really aid to their recovery. Nutrition is an important factor, so it is important that one maintain a diet that is balanced. To achieve a balanced diet, a patient must have knowledge of which foods to eat and when to eat those foods. At Agape Acupuncture, the doctors know that food medicine is something that has truly been effective.

Agape Acupuncture will teach you how to eat foods that will be as medicine for treatment of illnesses. Treatment does not only include acupuncture and herbs, but it also includes changes to a person’s lifestyle and changes to a person’s diet. All these factors work together to bring about recovery. There are things that only you can do for your health and for your body, and eating well is one of them. So, let this reputable clinic show you how you can transform your life.

With over 45,000 patients who have seen success at this clinic for treatment of illnesses, you be sure to understand what Agape Acupuncture can do for your health. Let the experts teach you how to properly use food as medicine, and how to give your body the nutrition it needs in order to fight against illnesses. Many patients have seen great results, so be one of them.

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For Treatment of Sun Poisoning

For Treatment of various skin conditions that manifest due to sun poisoning, consider Agape Acupuncture and the acupuncture and natural herbal tea formulas that they have to offer. A patient visited the clinic in 2012 after developing a skin condition on her neck. The development was very red, itchy, hot, and it started to spread quickly overnight. At first, the patient thought it was eczema or some other irritation that would just go away simply with skin creams, but the condition progressed. In fact, it turned worse and actually looked darker than before after the patient used the skin creams. The patient was frustrated because she could not leave the house because the skin condition was so obvious. Since it was in the middle of summer, the patient had to wear a scarf when she did leave the house, which made the condition worsen because of the extra heat that the scarf added.

The patient came to Agape Acupuncture for treatment of her skin condition. She was informed that the condition was actually a result of sun poisoning. The patient did not realize that when she previously visited the beach earlier that week, she had remained in the sun for longer than she should have. Since it was her first visit to the beach that summer, her skin and her body were not used to the heat. Her body retained too much of the heat, which then manifested itself on the patient’s neck.

For treatment of the condition, Dr. Kevin Huang suggested herbs, acupuncture, and foods that are cool in nature to counter the heat. He made very helpful suggestions to the patient. After only two treatments, the condition disappeared and the patient was able to continue on with her daily activities. The patient is truly thankful to Agape Acupuncture for their expertise and loving care.

For Treatment of Various Illnesses

For Treatment Of various health issues, a patient came to Agape Acupuncture in Costa Mesa, California. The patient had suffered from prostate inflammation, constant urination, and constantly had to use the restroom. The patient was unable to engage in day to day activities and was unable to exercise. When the patient walked, he was in pain. In addition, the patient had high blood pressure and went to the hospital where he was offered drugs for his condition.

In 2008, the patient visited Agape Acupuncture for treatment of his condition and the started acupuncture treatments and herbs. The patient noted that a nurse had recommended Agape Acupuncture, along with several family members who encouraged him to go. His wife, aunt, and sister in law asked and encouraged the patient to get treatment. The patient notes that his wife threw away her walking cane after she came to the clinic for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Prior to her treatments at Agape Acupuncture, she was unable to walk due to her condition.

The patient started going to Agape Acupuncture for treatment of their illnesses and started to feel better.  He said that he noticed that he can walk easier and his knees were less in pain. He had more energy and he and his wife were recovering together. The patient said he is able to walk to the beach and enjoy time with his family, and his sleep pattern has greatly improved.

For treatment of diseases, the patient notes that natural medicine is the best choice. He says it is superior to surgery and the treatments for his health condition offered by the hospital. He notes that he did not expect the results to be as great as he saw and would recommend natural medicine to anyone. The patient is truly thankful to the kind staff at Agape Acupuncture and for their care.

For Treatment Of illnesses, why not visit Agape Acupuncture? You owe it to your health and wellbeing. Health is priceless, so consider what this clinic can do for you.