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What is Acupuncture?

For treatment of various illnesses, acupuncture may be the best alternative. Acupuncture has been used in China for centuries, and is a way to balance the body’s energy or qi. Qi flows through the body in paths called meridians, and acupuncture providers seek to unblock the qi that has been halted because of an illness. Acupuncture is a method of treatment that brings your body back to it’s natural state, and keeps the qi flowing freely through the body.

Practitioners place thin needles through the skin on points designated to treat the illness or discomfort that the patient is experiencing. The needles act like a key that starts the ignition of a car–boosting and stimulating the body’s ability to balance it’s energy flow.

Acupuncture is also successful in boosting the body’s immune system so the body can fight and defend itself. It is a perfect solution for the treatment of both pain and illnesses. This method is a tool that gives the body a way to regain it’s strength and ability to ward off viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Acupuncture has also been proven to relieve pain, and help with conditions such as back pain, allergies, headaches, cramps and other diseases.

Natural Medicine Center has successfully used acupuncture for treatment of various conditions. The doctors at this clinic are not only knowledgeable, but are skilled to provide their patients with the utmost level of care.

For the treatment of various conditions, acupuncture is also paired with herbal teas, which are forumulated to target the condition specifically. The combination of this duet creates a powerful simultaneous response to the illness or pain that has crippled your life. Start feeling more vibrant and healthier than you have felt in a long time. Natural Medicine Center is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a local and friendly clinic that has proven results.

For Treatment Of Cirrhosis of Liver

For Treatment Of the cirrhosis of the liver, Agape Acupuncture offers natural solutions for recovery. A patient who visited the clinic had suffered from liver cirrhosis and had a high level of liver enzymes ever since 2003. She was constantly ill, and had 5 different biopsies. The patient had jaundice, yellow eyes, headaches, low energy, allergies, and vomited daily. She was unable to sleep, emotional, and had poor memory.

For Treatment Of her condition, she decided to visit Agape Acupuncture. She also suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and short bowel syndrome, and would have constipation or diarrhea. She had various procedures and surgeries for her condition in one year, and in one case, contracted many infections due to the procedure. After the procedures, she was unable to receive the help she needed and was told that there was nothing else the doctors could do.

She continued seeing 12 different physicians, but nothing helped. She was unable to continue with life and nothing seemed to work. Life was miserable for her and no physician could offer her the help that she was seeking. She did not recover, but actually felt worse. The patient came to Agape Acupuncture in 2005. She enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere of the clinic and the welcoming staff.  She felt welcome and said the staff at Agape Acupuncture actually listened and paid attention to her. The patient started acupuncture treatments, herbs, and started changing her diet. She said the treatments are completely pain-free and are also very relaxing.

The patient’s last biopsy revealed that her liver is completely back to normal and the cirrhosis was completely gone. The patient said her energy is a lot better and she is sleeping well. She said her family and friends are ecstatic about the results she has seen at Agape Acupuncture For Treatment Of her illnesses.
The patient is thankful to God for the miraculous results and said that she is now a believer in natural medicine. She said she always shares her testimonial and refers patients to Agape Acupuncture.

Success Seen For Treatment Of Lung Nodules

Natural medicine is a safe alternative For Treatment Of lung nodules. A patient visited Agape Acupuncture at the start of January, 2012 with three nodules in her lungs. The patient often felt exhausted and had little energy, and developed a persistent cough. She was diagnosed with bronchitis and was on medication for over a week. After weeks, the patient did not recover, but actually felt worse. She then fell ill with pneumonia, was placed on bed rest and continued on medication. Although she rested and took medication, she did not recover and was admitted to the hospital. A CAT scan showed that the patient had developed three nodules in her lungs; two on the right and one on the left.

For Treatment Of the nodules, the doctors recommended a bronchoscopy in order to remove fluid that had developed in the patient’s lungs. The patient underwent the procedure and was concerned because the nodules were quite large in size. She was given the choice of a biopsy to determine the condition of the nodules or to wait for two months to see if the nodules increased in size. The patient decided to try natural medicine for treatment of her lung nodules and came to Agape Acupuncture for help.

The patient started treatments and noticed that healing started to occur. She took another CAT scan in May of that year and was surprisingly pleased with the results. The  doctor thought he viewed the wrong results because the nodules had completely disappeared. The doctor encouraged the patient to continue acupuncture For Treatment Of her condition and that he would follow up with another CAT scan in six months.

The patient is completely “blessed” to see a miracle in her life with natural medicine and acupuncture. She recommends Agape Acupuncture For Treatment Of lung nodules and other diseases.

For Treatment of Psoriasis at Agape Acupuncture

For treatment of psoriasis, consider Agape Acupuncture in Costa Mesa, California. This lovely clinic, situated in beautiful Orange County, has treated well over 45,000 patients and is known for the kind and gentle care it provides. Dr. Janet Yeh and Dr. Kevin Huang have many years of experience serving patients and providing excellent care. The award-winning clinic specializes in acupuncture, herbs, acupressure, and natural medicine. The combination has seen fantastic results for treatment of difficult diseases. Consider the success rate that Agape Acupuncture has.
If you are suffering from psoriasis, for treatment of this disease, consider the testimonial of one of Agape Acupuncture’s patients. Ever since the patient was 13 years old, she suffered from the disease. Her psoriasis was red, itchy, flaky, and very apparent. The disease first stared on her scalp, which caused her to lose hair, and then spread to her skin, both of her arms, and her back. The patient was very conscious of the progression and was afraid to wear certain clothes. After treatments at various clinics that included medications, creams, and different oils, the patient saw little success. The psoriasis always returned.
For treatment of this disease, the patient visited Agape Acupuncture and started treatments and herbs. Although she was skeptical at first, she started noticing her skin starting to improve. After four months of treatment, the patient was ecstatic to see that her psoriasis was gone. She was able to regain her energy and has received numerous compliments. The patient also noticed that her health improved in a matter of months and is no longer self conscious about her skin. Her skin is now soft and completely healthy!
Agape Acupuncture provides gentle and natural care for treatment of various diseases. Consider a safe and healthy alternative when searching for a clinic that will improve your vitality. Agape Acupuncture is an obvious choice.