For Treatment of Psoriasis at Agape Acupuncture

For treatment of psoriasis, consider Agape Acupuncture in Costa Mesa, California. This lovely clinic, situated in beautiful Orange County, has treated well over 45,000 patients and is known for the kind and gentle care it provides. Dr. Janet Yeh and Dr. Kevin Huang have many years of experience serving patients and providing excellent care. The award-winning clinic specializes in acupuncture, herbs, acupressure, and natural medicine. The combination has seen fantastic results for treatment of difficult diseases. Consider the success rate that Agape Acupuncture has.
If you are suffering from psoriasis, for treatment of this disease, consider the testimonial of one of Agape Acupuncture’s patients. Ever since the patient was 13 years old, she suffered from the disease. Her psoriasis was red, itchy, flaky, and very apparent. The disease first stared on her scalp, which caused her to lose hair, and then spread to her skin, both of her arms, and her back. The patient was very conscious of the progression and was afraid to wear certain clothes. After treatments at various clinics that included medications, creams, and different oils, the patient saw little success. The psoriasis always returned.
For treatment of this disease, the patient visited Agape Acupuncture and started treatments and herbs. Although she was skeptical at first, she started noticing her skin starting to improve. After four months of treatment, the patient was ecstatic to see that her psoriasis was gone. She was able to regain her energy and has received numerous compliments. The patient also noticed that her health improved in a matter of months and is no longer self conscious about her skin. Her skin is now soft and completely healthy!
Agape Acupuncture provides gentle and natural care for treatment of various diseases. Consider a safe and healthy alternative when searching for a clinic that will improve your vitality. Agape Acupuncture is an obvious choice.

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