For Treatment of Sun Poisoning

For Treatment of various skin conditions that manifest due to sun poisoning, consider Agape Acupuncture and the acupuncture and natural herbal tea formulas that they have to offer. A patient visited the clinic in 2012 after developing a skin condition on her neck. The development was very red, itchy, hot, and it started to spread quickly overnight. At first, the patient thought it was eczema or some other irritation that would just go away simply with skin creams, but the condition progressed. In fact, it turned worse and actually looked darker than before after the patient used the skin creams. The patient was frustrated because she could not leave the house because the skin condition was so obvious. Since it was in the middle of summer, the patient had to wear a scarf when she did leave the house, which made the condition worsen because of the extra heat that the scarf added.

The patient came to Agape Acupuncture for treatment of her skin condition. She was informed that the condition was actually a result of sun poisoning. The patient did not realize that when she previously visited the beach earlier that week, she had remained in the sun for longer than she should have. Since it was her first visit to the beach that summer, her skin and her body were not used to the heat. Her body retained too much of the heat, which then manifested itself on the patient’s neck.

For treatment of the condition, Dr. Kevin Huang suggested herbs, acupuncture, and foods that are cool in nature to counter the heat. He made very helpful suggestions to the patient. After only two treatments, the condition disappeared and the patient was able to continue on with her daily activities. The patient is truly thankful to Agape Acupuncture for their expertise and loving care.