Natural Medicine Center Agape Acupuncture – Serving Patients With Great Results

Natural Medicine Center is located right across the street from Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA and continues to share their clinical experience in natural medicine with great success.

Over 45,000 patients treated and 4th generation in natural medicine.  Their family has been serving patients in the United States since 1980 and in California for over 30 years.

Here is another recent clinical success was with a patient that was previously helped when he was 9 years old.  The young patient had multiple bone fractures and was in a lot of pain.  Through diagnosis of modern medicine specialists, they diagnosed him with juvenile osteoporosis – a very rare condition for a child.

Natural Medicine Center and Dr. Kevin Huang and Dr. Janet Yeh were able to successfully treat this young boy with natural medicine, herbs, acupuncture and nutrition.

The patient has been fine for over 6 years, but recently his mother realized that he has not grown for two years – since the age of 13.  After seeing three specialists in the medical field and receiving imaging scans, the diagnosis was that he was not able to grow anymore in height due to his growth plates being sealed at an early age due to the trials he had with juvenile osteoporosis.

The diagnosis and prognosis devastated the young teenager and his mother.  The mother remembered how Natural Medicine Center in Costa Mesa, CA helped him earlier and then brought his back to the natural medicine clinic for help and treatments.

Dr. Huang told them that he would do his best to help him.  Three weeks into his treatments the young man started feeling leg pains.  Dr. Huang was excited because they were growing pains that the patient was experiencing.  At the end of three weeks, to the amazement of the patient and his mother, the patient grew an inch in three weeks of treatment with only natural medicine, acupuncture, herbs, and nutrition. Soon thereafter the patient’s feet started to grow too and he was excited about getting new and bigger shoes.

What a wonderful and joyful miracle it was for Natural Medicine Center at South Coast Marketplace in Santa Ana, California to see the miraculous improvements that was happening to the young patient. We are located in the Ralph’s Shopping Center at the corner of Fairview Road and MacArthur Blvd.

5 / 5 stars