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For Treatment of Various Illnesses

For Treatment Of various health issues, a patient came to Agape Acupuncture in Costa Mesa, California. The patient had suffered from prostate inflammation, constant urination, and constantly had to use the restroom. The patient was unable to engage in day to day activities and was unable to exercise. When the patient walked, he was in pain. In addition, the patient had high blood pressure and went to the hospital where he was offered drugs for his condition.

In 2008, the patient visited Agape Acupuncture for treatment of his condition and the started acupuncture treatments and herbs. The patient noted that a nurse had recommended Agape Acupuncture, along with several family members who encouraged him to go. His wife, aunt, and sister in law asked and encouraged the patient to get treatment. The patient notes that his wife threw away her walking cane after she came to the clinic for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Prior to her treatments at Agape Acupuncture, she was unable to walk due to her condition.

The patient started going to Agape Acupuncture for treatment of their illnesses and started to feel better.  He said that he noticed that he can walk easier and his knees were less in pain. He had more energy and he and his wife were recovering together. The patient said he is able to walk to the beach and enjoy time with his family, and his sleep pattern has greatly improved.

For treatment of diseases, the patient notes that natural medicine is the best choice. He says it is superior to surgery and the treatments for his health condition offered by the hospital. He notes that he did not expect the results to be as great as he saw and would recommend natural medicine to anyone. The patient is truly thankful to the kind staff at Agape Acupuncture and for their care.

For Treatment Of illnesses, why not visit Agape Acupuncture? You owe it to your health and wellbeing. Health is priceless, so consider what this clinic can do for you.